is a Texas-based company that’s provided access to the very best in metal recycling software since 2006. Designed with ease of use in mind, their programs thoroughly handle the purchasing of scrap metal and all the legal requirements demanded by governmental agencies. They’re essential to making scrap metal businesses run smoothly. Scrap yards and recycling facilities use the Online Scrap software for government reporting, record keeping, keeping track of purchasing and sales of scrap materials (including material weights and pictures of materials).

They were looking for a way for their software to find and retrieve scanned driver license data easily and accurately, including a scanned image of the ID, without sacrificing much time spent. Our solution was IDWedgePro with the M280 scanner, since it allows for quick image capture of the ID card.

Now, the Online Scrap developers are able to scan a driver license’s barcode into the M280, which IDWedgePro retrieves and organizes into a specific .txt file. Their software is then able to retrieve the .txt file and read its contents, plugging the various data into their system where its needed.

m280 to form graphic (idwedgepro)

IDWedgePro sends data from a driver’s license barcode into multiple forms.

After scanning the barcode, they place the ID card face down on the M280’s glass panel, which then captures the image of the front of the card and is placed into the .txt file for their records. This is also retrieved by their software and applied where its needed.

idwedgepro image of id scanned example

IDWedgePro can scan the front image of a driver license and display it in your form, along with close-up of the driver’s portrait.

This isn’t a typical use for IDWedgePro, which is why we’re so excited about this particular integration. If you’re a developer for scrap yard software solutions and are looking for a creative and smart way for your application to quickly retrieve scanned driver license data with perfect accuracy, then follow in’s footsteps by implementing IDWedgePro by TokenWorks. To learn more about our IDWedgePro, check out it out here or call us over 914-704-3100.


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