Kansas has released a new driver’s license design in order to help comply with upcoming airport security requirements under the REAL ID Act. With a deadline for compliance on September 30, 2020, many states are rolling out new driver’s licenses and federal IDs now in order for current license-holders to have the new designs by the time their licenses expire. Current cardholders are not required to change to the new design until their cards expire.

The new Kansas driver’s licenses will either contain a gold circle with white star cutout to signify an acceptable federal ID, or the words “not for federal ID” printed on the card (see below – top image is standard license and bottom image is for minors).

New Kansas REAL ID compliant driver's license design

New Kansas REAL ID compliant driver's license design for minors

If Kansas residents would like to expedite their receipt of the new IDs, they can bring proof of their social security number as well as a birth certificate or valid U.S. Passport to obtain the new design. Failure to bring this documentation will result in the “not for federal ID” version of the license, which will still be valid as a state ID or driver’s license, but will not be usable for entrance to certain federal facilities or to board flights after September 30, 2020.

For more information, please visit ksrevenue.org.

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