Starting June 16, Arizona will roll out a new license design with upgraded security features to guard against identity theft. While the old license featured an image of the Grand Canyon and blue sky, the new license has a detailed background image depicting distinctive Arizona geological features. The new background uses multiple lines, patterns, and images, and was chosen deliberately to make duplication more difficult.

Additionally, the new license design uses multiple fonts, font sizes, and text colors. Other security features include:

  • Tactile date of birth field
  • Laminate overlay
  • Ghosted photo
  • “Laser perforation” in the shape of AZ

As with other states issuing new driver’s licenses, the Arizona Department of Transportation will not be able to issue the new license directly to the applicant, but will instead provide a temporary license and mail the new license to the applicant’s home within 15 days.

Arizona Drivers License Front

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