The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (ADOT MVD) will begin issuing a redesigned driver’s license or identification card on June 16. The process for getting a new license will also slightly change. Instead of picking up the new license at the ADOT MVD office, the applicant will receive a temporary credential, and the license will be mailed to a home address, to ensure that the new license displays a current address.

The look of the new license is dramatically different than the look of the old license, and boasts an array of security features to deter identity theft and protect personal information. The redesigned driver’s license contains:

  • An enlarged primary photo and a “ghosted” secondary photo
  • A high security background image depicting an Arizona landscape comprised of many lines, patterns, and images
  • A laser perforation in the shape of Arizona, which when held up to light, provides a quick visual affirmation of the credential
  • A raised date of birth field
  • A laminate overlay featuring the world “Arizona”, the state seal, a saguaro cactus, and a star

Current Arizona licenses will remain valid until the expiration date, or until the photo needs updating (every 12 years). New licenses will cost $12 for most applicants.

Arizona Drivers License Front

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