An ID card scanner is a small electronic device used by bars, nightclubs, liquor stores and convenience stores to verify a customer’s age. For businesses like these that sell age regulated products, an ID card scanner is the best way to protect against citations and tickets from raids and undercover sting operations. An ID card scanner reads the data stored on a driver’s license, state ID or military ID and displays it on a screen. It makes it easy for a bouncer, bartender or clerk to make sure that a customer is old enough to buy liquor or tobacco products.

As a business owner, it is difficult to ensure that employees always follow proper ID checking procedures. If an employee doesn’t check an ID and sells tobacco or alcohol to a minor, a business is at risk for fines and citations. By purchasing an ID card scanner, a business owner can verify that an employee checked a particular ID by reviewing the scan history on the ID scanner. An ID scanner makes it easy for a business owner to see whether or not an employee is doing his or her job.

In addition to helping an employer monitor her employees, an ID card scanner provides an electronic written record of all IDs scanned. This evidence can help prove to the police, liquor authorities or courts that a business was making a reasonable effort to ensure that its customers were of legal age. It can also prove that a sibling presented his/her older siblings ID when they claim their real license, which indicates they are under age, was used to purchase age sensitive products. Without a written history of IDs that were scanned, it is difficult for a business to present an affirmative action defense against an underage citation. An ID card scanner helps to provide crucial legal protection for any business that sells age regulated products.

Often times, liquor board inspectors will target a bar that they believe serves alcohol to minors. This is almost always bad for a business that sells alcohol. Inspectors may review customers’ IDs before they enter the bar. Having their IDs checked by officials in uniforms makes potential customers feel like criminals. This is likely to reduce overall attendance at a business, not just the business of underage drinkers. Other times, inspectors will come inside and check IDs of people drinking alcoholic beverages. This is known as a “raid.” Any person who is caught with an underage ID or with a suspicious ID during a raid will be kicked out of the bar. The liquor board inspectors have the authority to issue the business a citation or ticket for serving alcohol to minors, and the patrons may also receive individual citations. An ID card scanner can deter both raids and underage drinkers, as well as provide a business with a way to protect itself against charges of selling alcohol to minors.

Fines for underage drinking citations range from $500 to $1,500 depending on state laws. In some states, a business’ liquor license will be permanently revoked after a certain number of citations (typically three). It is also possible for a business owner to face criminal charges for furnishing alcohol to a minor and allowing underage drinking to occur on property they control. Selling cigarettes to a minor is a misdemeanor and can include fines, 90-days of jail time, or revocation of a tobacco license depending on state laws. An ID card reader is an easy and affordable way to prevent financial and legal troubles for any business that sells age regulated products.

An ID card scanner, used properly, is the most fail-safe mechanism for insuring that buyers meet minimum age requirements. It helps to ensure that employees always follow the rules and check IDs. It provides a written record that IDs were checked which is necessary for due diligence for legal defenses. It helps to deter underage buyers of alcohol and tobacco products. An ID card scanner is the easiest and most affordable way to protect a business.

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