A VIP / Banned list lets you tag or mark cards and in the case of better ID Scanners, people.

Most ID Scanners on the market actually record ID numbers in their VIP/Banned list and therefore require a card or drivers license to be scanned before it can be added to the list.  This means one must scan the ID and then tag or mark this card as banned or vip.

Better scanners have the ability to look up a previous scan and tag/mark it as vip or banned.  This is typically done when security wants to look up a person who has started a fight earlier in the evening.

A second approach to tagging individuals is to use their last name as the key field.  This approach means you do NOT have to scan an ID before somebody is banned.  Using this approach, you actually are tagging people instead of ID numbers which means ID Cards.

What this means is when you purchase our products, you can load a list of people into the scanner as banned or VIP and we’ve had some customers pre-load 20,000 names into the scanner.  Almost all other products in the market require the drivers license which most people do not record when building their lists.

Our new IDVisor Touch product (to be release in early 2011) will have both capabilities.  Stay tuned for more.

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