The iPad paired with FileMaker and our IDWedgeBT ID Scanner form the basis of a great Mobile Data Capture Solution.  The IDWedgeBT ID Scanner captures data from Drivers Licenses, Credit Cards, 1D barcode cards (loyalty cards, membership cards), student IDs and other Magnetic Stripe Cards, parses the data and sends it to a FileMaker Database running in FileMaker Go on the iPad3.  FileMaker is a database application which runs on iOS devices and is great for Mobile Data Capture.

In the video below, we scan a drivers license to capture contact information, enter phone/email, scan a 1D barcode loyalty cards, swipe a credit card, take a picture, capture a signature and check off some buttons to indicate lead source and follow up actions.  FileMaker lets you rapidly customize the form to suite your application and deployment is as simple as emailing the FileMaker Database to the iPad running FileMaker Go.  The same hardware and software will also run on an iPhone or iPod – and unlike “sled” scanners, IDWedgeBT is unaffected by changes to I/O ports or case dimensions.  IDWedgeBT works with ANY computer that pairs with a Bluetooth Keyboard plus it also pairs with Any non-iOS device that supports Serial Port Profile.

Click here for details on the iPad Case and iPad handstrap

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