FormConnect iPad App and IDWedgeBT Drivers License ID Scanner make an ideal Mobile Data Capture Solution.

Looking for a fast way to auto complete forms?  Want to electrify those forms with an iPad  ID Scanner?  Then check out FormConnect iPad Form Creator App paired with our IDWedgeBT drivers license scanner.   FormConnect makes creating and managing Business Forms or any other iPad Form a snap.  IDWedgeBT Scans IDs into iPad forms faster and more accurately than any human.  Check out the video below showing an Age Statement Form.

Age Verification Statement Form ID Scanner

A Big Thanks to Mark P., a Connecticut State marshal who put IDWedgeBT and FormConnect together to solve his need to automate the Connecticut Age Verification Form.  These forms are normally paper based and used by merchants when they question the true age of the individual purchasing alcohol.   Mark is volunteering for the Stamford-Downtown (a local merchant/entertainment district) with their summer Alive@Five concert series.  He took the existing CT Age Statement form, created an electronic version using FormConnect, added the ability to capture pictures (not part of the original paper based form) and then configured IDWedgeBT to populate the contact information at the top of the form.


 Watch the video below which show our IDWedgeBT Bluetooth ID Card Scanner complete iPad’s Age Verification Form.


Background on FormConnect ID Scanner AWedgeBT and FormConnect

The combination of the FormConnect Form Creator for iPad and IDWedgeBT Drivers License Scanner make the perfect Mobile Data Capture Device.    IDWedgeBT works with iPods, iPhones, iPads (in fact, it works with ANY computer that uses either a Bluetooth or Wired Keyboard) and includes embedded Drivers License Scanning Software.  This plus its use of built in wired/wireless keyboard drivers means NO software is required on the computer.  Simply develop an application or a form, connect IDWedgeBT and it will type drivers licenses, credit card, student IDs, Loyalty card data directly into the active form.

Think of IDWedgeBT as an iPad Form Filler.   IDWedgeBT can be used with multiple applications to facilitate Electronic Data Collection.  Most ID Scanner peripherals are tied to an application and to a particular version of iPod, iPhone or iPad.  A big benefit of IDWedgeBT is it will work with ANY computer and ANY application which accepts keyboard input.  If you have a form running on a computer (mobile or desktop) that has a form which accepts keyboard input, then IDWedgeBT can be configured to autofill that form.  No software development required!

CT Alcohol Laws:

30-86a- Making False statement to procure liquor- (Misdemeanor)
Applies to minors who make false statements on age statement forms.

30-88a- Misrepresenting age to procure liquor- (Misdemeanor)
Prohibits misrepresenting one’s age or using someone else’s driver’s license to obtain liquor

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