IDWedgeBT is compatible with FileMaker Go which is the mobile version of FileMaker.  FileMaker Go runs the desktop version of the FileMaker Database on the iPad / iPhone or iPod.  FileMaker is a pretty cool database program that lets you share data across the internet and on mobile iOS devices.   iOS applications normally do NOT respond to the tab or right arrow key.  Apple mobile app developers must explicitly define what happens when the tab key is pressed and FileMaker Go supports tab keys to be compatible with Bluetooth keyboards.  In fact, FileMaker Go lets you specify the tab index order.

Watch this Survey demo which captures drivers license date (name, address, date of birth, DL number), calculates the age, captures a magnetic scan (i.e. credit card), a 1D barcode (loyalty card), user entered data (keyboard and pull down menus), signature, photo, and audio notes.  For FileMaker developers, IDWedgeBT adds a powerful new tool for rapid/accurate drivers license scanning on mobile devices.

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