3/22/2013 – IDWedgeBT is now available with USB Keyboard interface.  The USB keyboard interface is the wired version of the Bluetooth keyboard interface and is supported by almost every personal computer (Mac / Linux / Microsoft ) built in the last two decades.  So there are now three ways IDWedgeBT can send data to a computer.

  1. Wireless Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
  2. Wireless Bluetooth HID Keyboard
  3. Wired HID Keyboard

The Wired HID keyboard method requires no software installation.  Simply plug the IDWedgeBT into the USB port and it becomes a new keyboard.  This is ideal for Point of Sale terminals which typically run embedded Windows XP and are “locked down” to prevent user modification.  We have tested it with a Nucleus Point of Sale System to type in the drivers license date of birth field when the POS system requests the clerk to check the age of the patron.   It even works with an iPad which supports a standard USB keyboard.  Watch the video to see how we connected a USB Dell USB keyboard and the IDWedgeBT to an iPad 1 using a powered USB port and a USB adapter.

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