We get this question often, what is the differences between the IDVisor 310 and the IDVisor Touch ID Scanner?  They both run basically the same software, with some minor differences caused by hardware and base operating system differences.  We developed our software for the Touch and then ported it to the Pro.


The IDVisor Touch is larger than the IDVisor 310.  The touch has a “T” shaped case that is 10 inches long, 5 inches wide at the top of the T and 3 inches wide along the body of the T and at its tallest 3 inches.  The IDVisor 310 is has a “T” shaped case but is smaller with 6.5″ L x 4.5″ W x 2.2″ H.  Some customers like the sleek / smaller sized 310, especially law enforcement because its easier to conceal, while others prefer a larger device because its harder slip it into a pocket and steal it.

Hand Strap

The IDVisor Touch as a neoprene hand-strap on the back of the unit which holds it comfortably in the palm of your hand.  The hand-strap goes across the back of the hand and basically keeps this Touch on the hand with no effort.  The 310 does not have this.   So if you opened your hand or straighten your fingers, the touch would stay in your hand and the 310 would drop.   Both units come with wrist straps designed to prevent the unit from falling yet break off in the event of a fight.


The Touch weighs about 1.7 lbs. and the 310 weighs just under a pound (0.94 Lb).  For a 275 pound bouncer, neither are heavy.  The hand strap on the Touch unit may make it easier to hold an extended period of time.

Screen Size

The 310 has a 3.5″ Color Display with 320 x 240 pixels versus 2.8″ Color Touch Screen Display with 320 x 240 pixels for the Touch.  Both displays are back lite and easy to see in the low light situations.  Like smart phones, both are hard to see in direct sunlight.  If entering data via the keyboard is a priority, the 310 finger ready on-screen keyboard is larger and therefore easier to use.

Desktop Software Requirements

The 310 needs to have Microsoft active sync or Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows 7 to transfer data to a PC.  This requires a software install process (takes less than 5 minutes) and it means it only works with PCs.  The IDvisor Touch does NOT require any desktop software install because it becomes a Flash Drive when connected via USB cable to a PC, MAC or Linux computer.  If you have a MAC or Linux machine or will be connecting the scanner to lots of laptops and don’t want to install software on each machine, then Touch has the edge.


Both are durable but since the IDVisor Touch has more plastic wrapped around it, we suspect it would survive more drops in a drop test marathon.  The IDVisor Touch also has a splash protection vinyl film over the buttons and screen so it may be more resistant to liquid but neither the 310 nor the Touch is water proof.

Vibrator Alert

IDvisor Touch has a vibrator so it can be configured to vibrate or buzz for certain alarm events (i.e. under age, id expired, tagged individual).  This can be helpful in noisy environments like a night club. The 310 does not have a vibrating feature so advantage IDVisor Touch.

Video vs Text built in Tutorial

Both units have built in help systems.  The 310 has a text based help system, the Touch has a series of Video Tutorials.   So since most people prefer videos to reading, advantage Touch.

Mounting Scanner

The Touch can be mounted to a flat plate or using a stepped cabinet hinge by removing a couple of the screws that mount rubber feet on the bottom of the case.  The M310 also has case screws, but they would need to be extended to use such a mounting approach.  See this post showing a mounting options with off the shelf cabinet hinges.


Both units have built in rechargeable Li-ion batteries which will last 8+ hours on a charge.  The 310 has a removable battery but at present, there is no way to charge these removable batteries other than another 310. There are plans for a 4 battery charger late in 2012 but its price point will be targeting a Casino who can invest in 5 to 10 scanners.  So a casino would opt for the 310 once the external battery charger is available.

Charging Cradle

Both the Touch and the 310 charge with an external DC barrel jack power supply.  The 310 has an optional cradle that charges the scanner by simply resting the 310 in the cradle.  This make charging a bit easier and it lets management see when a scanner is missing or in use.  So for battery and charging, advantage 310.

Operating System

Both machines run versions of Microsoft operating systems. The Touch runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and the 310 runs Microsoft Embedded CE 6.0. This has little effect on our software except we had to add navigation buttons and could not play the tutorial help videos on the 310.

Extended Warranty

Both units can extend manufacturer’s warranty from 12 months to 48 months for $295.00


Which is better?  Well it depends on your requirements.  Hopefully the above list of differences will contribute to making an informed decision.  Regardless, we have a money back guarantee so buy both and keep the one you like!

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