Database synchronization utility for Idvisor Touch

A desktop synchronization is available for the IDVisor Touch which synchronizes the databases across multiple IDVisor Touch ID Scanners.  This is a free windows desktop utility uses the USB port to update customer records in multiple scanners.  Each scanner is connected to the desktop to first provide its data and then receive updates to its database.  So customers scanned in one ID Scanner or tagged (i.e. banned or vip) are scanned/tagged in all machines.

The utility assumes the real time clocks in all ID Scanners are set correctly and then compares the date/time stamps to resolve conflicts with the newest change having priority.  For example, if a person tagged a VIP in one scanner and later tagged in another scanner as Banned, then the synchronization software will make the person banned on all machines.   Basically, the last or newest change has priority during synchronization.

If your an existing IDVisor Touch customer with multiple ID Scanner, please give us a call for a download link.



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