ID scanners are used by different type of establishments.  Age verification is important for businesses serving alcohol or tobacco products.  Serving a minor can lead to tickets being issued, fines and even suspension or terminations of licenses.  Marketing firms also use them to collect data for marketing purposes.

Convenience stores and liquor stores usually have an ID checker located at the checkout counter.  When a customer is purchasing an alcoholic beverage or tobacco products age is verified.  If a good ID scanner was purchased, after scanning an ID card the details of the customer should be displayed on an easy to read screen with possible audible alerts.  The information retrieved from the card presented should be verified and possibly stored, in the event a merchant needs to prove an ID was checked.

Bar and nightclubs usually use the ID scanner at the front door before allowing entry of patrons.  Sometimes in smaller bars, the ID checker is located behind the bar when patrons purchase alcoholic beverages.  Since many underage customers try to enter using another person’s ID card, it is good to have anti-passback software which detects sharing of ID cards.

Some marketing companies use the ID scanner to collect information from potential clients for marketing purposes.  This is called Lead Capture and the ID Scanner captures the contact information and this allows the operator to ask specific questions related to the product being marketed and when the contact may be interested in making a purchase.  It is useful to have the ability to enter phone numbers and email addresses as well.   Information collected can then be used for mailings and sending promotional items, but is also passed directly to the internal sales force for immediate follow up.

ID scanners are used in many ways by different types of businesses.  It is a tool all businesses who serve alcohol or tobacco products should have.  It can help prevent tickets, fines and avoid termination or suspension of your license.

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