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Despite the fact that safety and and sanitary changes have been put in place, proper ID checking and age verification should still be taking place to deter underage customers from buying alcohol. Youth and Family Services has stepped up to help push ID checking to local businesses in Norwich, Connecticut.

Rayallen Bergman, of Youth and Family Services, has not only bought and distributed IDVisor Smart V2 ID scanners by TokenWorks but has also provided vouchers for virtual traning on how to ID someone for an alcohol purchase.

Utilizing an ID scanner is vital in making ID checking simple and easy, as many new employees are more than likely going to miscalculate every now and then. With the Smart V2’s easy-to-read icons, you’ll know right away whether or not the customer is of age as the icons are impossible to miss. “It’s a very useful tool in IDing people” Betsy Eichholz, of Towne Liquor Store, said. “It’s a lot quicker to scan the license and have the age come up, and have it say that they’re of age to drink alcohol.”

liquor store clerk scanning id with tokenworks id scanner

Norwich, CT liquor store clerk scanning ID with IDVisor Smart V2

Towne Liquor Store is one of the four businesses to have received an ID scanner from Youth and Family Services. They’re using the Smart V2 for both indoor purchases and curbside pickups.

Youth and Family Services is hoping that by denying a youth from purchasing and being exposed to alcohol, it will help with impact their brain development, since alcohol could become more of an independent in adulthood if introduced at an very young age.

Here at TokenWorks, we are very happy to know that our ID scanners are helping make a positive impact in the Norwich community. If you’re interested in learning more about ID scanners and purchasing our best-selling IDVisor Smart V2, click here.

If you’d like to read the original article by The Bulletin, click here. If the article is missing, a PDF backup is available here.

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