TokenWorks ID Scanner AgeVisor Touch helps identify vandals at The Back Door Bar in Louisville, Kentucky.

Louisville, KY-ID scanners are a useful tool when it comes to preventing underage drinking and identifying troublesome patrons. They also provide an affirmative defense for the owner or operator after an event and prove their due diligence. Therefore, it’s critical that owners and operators of establishments that sell age sensitive products invest in ID Scanners.

But don’t just take our word for it, ask John Dant, owner and operator of The Back Door bar in Louisville, Kentucky for over thirty years.

On March 16, 2018, Dant caught several individuals on camera vandalizing the fence in The Back Door’s parking lot. The individuals then brazenly went into the very establishment they vandalized.

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Dant wisely invested in an AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner just one week before the vandalism of his property occurred.

Upon entering The Back Door, the individuals had their ID’s checked, and then scanned with the AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner. With a simple scan of an ID, the AgeVisor quickly displays the name, age, address, expiration date of the ID and saves a record of when the scan occurred.

“If you are coming in and out then we will know,” Dant said. “With everything that goes on in the world, we would just rather keep a database.”

The versatile AgeVisor Software allows for customizable data storage depending on the jurisdiction or State laws.  The AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner has options to limit data storage, if necessary, to delete data after one, seven, or thirty days or to not store any data at all.

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The AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner used at The Back Door (Courtesy of Wave 3 News)

“Business owners should always have equipment for protection not just for yourself, but for your customers,” Dant said.

This isn’t the first time TokenWorks ID scanners have been used to apprehend criminals. In Pittsburgh, PA a suspect was apprehended with data provided by a TokenWorks ID scanner.

Dant notified the police and gave them the AgeVisor’s scan data. The data obtained by the AgeVisor Touch ID scanner is enormously helpful after an event and aids in tracking down and identifying individuals. Police departments appreciate any additional information available and look favorably upon businesses that make their investigations easier.

The AgeVisor software’s on system tagging allows the operator to tag problem customers or outright ban them from their establishment. This helps prevent underage and problem customers from returning and lowers the risk and liability of the business owner.

“I think it was worth every penny,” Dant said.  Image Name Source:

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