Hurricane Irene visited TokenWorks this weekend and the subsequent flooding took out power and communications. The company is located on the second floor, so there was no direct water damage.  However the nearby electrical substation was damage so the entire block has no power. With the loss of power, we also lost cable which is how we get phone and Internet service.  On Monday we ran vital systems off back up generators and today we brought up the Internet using a Verizon 4G Lte card. Surprisingly, we were able to remove the cable modem from our router and plug a laptop with the USB 4G card directly into the router.  The entire LAN now runs off this 4G card and the performance is pretty good. We may drop cable and switch to 4G wireless for Internet service.

As of 6:54pm on 8/30/2011, the ConEd workers at the substation are waiting for the electrical feeder from Yonkers to be turned on. Once this feeder is running, the substation should have power and then we should get power.

We continue to answer phones and have redirected all lines to cell phones. So today we were 90% operational. With the return of power tonight (we hope), we expect to be 100% operation on Wednesday.

Thanks for your support and patience.

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