ID Scanner Privacy in Alberta Canada

Canada is tougher privacy regulations than the USA and if you click below, you can read an ID Scanner Privacy guidelines document produced for bars and nightclubs in Alberta Canada wishing to comply with the November 1, 2009 amended Gaming and Liquor Act.  The act was amended with new provisions which authorized liquor licensees to collect limited drivers license and biometric (i.e. photographic) information.   The ID Scanner Privacy guidelines also covers when this information may be shared with other liquor licensees and law enforcement.

If an ID Scanner or drivers license scanning technology is used in Alberta and it is used as a condition to gain access to a venue, it can only collect three pieces of information

  1. Customer Name
  2. Customer Age
  3. Customer Photograph

It is prohibited to scan or photocopy the entire face of a patron’s driver’s license or other identification as a condition of allowing them to enter the licensed premises

Bars are not required to collect this information and they can deny entry if a customer refuses to product ID to very their name/age or to be photographed.

The collected information may only be used to grant/deny entry to the premises.  Use for any other purpose would have to be reasonable and would require consent from the patron.

The information can be disclosed under these conditions:
1. To other licensees, if the licensee reasonably believes a patron has broken a law,
2. To other licensees, if a patron is a threat to others
3. To a law enforcement  upon request.

Other licensees may then use the information to decide whether or not to allow a specific person onto their premises, and for no other purpose.

A licensee must tell patrons why the information is being collected. This can be done using a sign.

Once it is collected, the licensee is responsible for protecting the information against loss, theft, or improper use. Access to the information should be restricted to those who need to know.

A licensee must give a person access to the information it has collected about that person. If someone asks, they should be directed to an employee of the licensee who can assist them.

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