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By the end of the month, the Vermont DMV will begin rolling out a new design for its driver licenses. Designed to better protect customers from fraud and identity theft, the new design features 23 separate security features, some of which are not visible. For example, the cardholder’s signature will be raised, microprints will be embedded in the license, and the card will feature special coatings that shimmer with butterflies when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Under 21 licenses will be issued a vertical card to easily distinguish itself from licenses belonging to those 21 and older.

Real ID is associated with the credential upgrade, as well.

These new features will make it much more difficult for fake ID creators to replicate across seas. Because of this, our fake ID scanner IDentiFake will no doubt highlight fake Vermont IDs.

Learn more about Vermont’s new driver license design by checking out the VT Photo Identification Credentialing System Fact Sheet.

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