In June of 2011, Ontario started issuing a photo ID Card with the same security features found on the Ontario Drivers License.  About one million cards will be issued.

The new card looks like the Ontario driver’s license and includes the card holder’s name, photo, signature, address, sex, and date of birth.  It is purple rather than the blue used on  the Ont. driver’s license and the top-right corner is clipped off to help visually impaired find the card in their wallet.

This card is an alternative to having a drivers license and can be uses for all the things that one uses an official ID for such as opening a bank account, travel, buying lottery tickets and purchasing alcohol or tobacco.  It can not be used to cross the US border.

Ontario residents 16 years of age and over who do not hold a driver’s license are eligible but don’t try to use it as a second ID if you have a drivers license because your driver’s license will be cancelled upon application for a photo card.  You cannot hold a valid driver’s license and a photo card at the same time.  The photo card costs $35.00.



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