By mid-July, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is planning to roll out new driver licenses aimed at protecting customers from identity theft and fraud. Featuring the most advanced and modern security features, the card is sure to difficult to duplicate as a fake.

Some of the new security features will include black and white laser engraved text and image with personal information that’s easier to read, birth date text being raised and tactile, circular window in bottom right corner that features a second sheer photo of the cardholder, and Indiana seal with torch and stars that will show up under ultraviolet light. The second sheer photo will be visible on both side of the card in either a gold or clear background depending on the angle in which the card is held.

Real ID is associated with the credential upgrade, as well.

According to the bureau, the laser engraved photo can actually be felt on the card and will help law enforcement ensure its validity when holding it.

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