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New Feature for IDWedgePro – Portrait Image Extraction

We're happy to announce that the latest version ( of IDWedgePro now features portrait image extraction when scanning the ID. Now when creating a profile for a customer, you can save a cropped image of the face printed on the ID card, as well as the form filled...

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Designed with Durability & Protection in Mind

Durability & Strength -- Hard-Anodized Aluminum ID scanners in bars, restaurants, and casinos are prone to taking a beating. Whether someone drops it or bumps into it, the scanners are at risk of being damaged. At TokenWorks, we take preemptive measures to keep...

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Accessory Cases for IDVisor Smart / Smart Plus

As a bartender or server running around scanning IDs and helping customers, you'll most likely have your hands full most of the time. By equipping a holster case, you'll have no issues putting the scanner away if you need both hands. When the time comes to scan an ID,...

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New Feature: Challenge Questions!

Does the ID seem legit or pass IDentiFake, yet you're still questioning its authenticity (or wondering if the person is using someone else's ID)? Just like contestants on a quiz show, bouncers and servers using the IDVisor Smart, Smart Plus, or IDentiFake will now be...

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AgeVisor POS Installer and Updater

Changes in ver – Update the parsing to add new MN magstripe and add gender X to AAMVA barcodes. Below are two different download links.  Please read the directions and chose the most appropriate. The Installer download is for NEW installation or clients who...

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