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    AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner from Tokenworks

    AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner

    AgeVisor Touch – The Industry's First Retail ID Scanner with PC Performance.

    With over a decade of driver's license scanning experience, the AgeVisor Touch is our 3rd Generation stationary age verification ID scanner and easily reads, records and calculates age for IDs from all 50 states, Canada, and Military IDs. The AgeVisor Touch provides a fast, secure, reliable, easy-to-use and durable solution for any business needing ID verification.

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    IDWedgeKB ID Scanner

    IDWedgeKB – Keyboard ID Scanner

    Plug the IDWedgeKB into any computer USB port, scan a Driver's License or Credit Card and transfer contact or payment information to the screen instantly.

    The IDWedgeKBform filler desktop solution scans drivers licenses, ID cards, credit cards and other magnetic striped cards and fills computer forms with information from the card automatically! Plugged into any USB port and recognized as a keyboard, the IDWedgeKB extracts contact and payment information fields from driver's licenses, debit/credit cards, membership cards and student IDs and sends them to the flashing cursor on ANY computer.

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    AgeVisor POS ID Scanner

    AgeVisor – POS ID Scanner

    NEW! The AgeVisor™ POS Age Verification System adds an ID Card Scanner to your existing POS system.

    Connect the AgeVisor™ card scanner to your Windows-based POS / desktop / laptop with the included USB cable. The AgeVisor® software runs in the background and pops up whenever you scan an ID.

    It provides a reliable, low-cost way to verify age, collect customer data and protect your business investment. It is an ideal system for bars, nightclubs, grocery stores and liquor stores – any business with an existing POS system that needs to add a reliable way to verify customer age and manage visitors.

    $695 with new m260 scanner (barcode and magnetic stripe)
    $595 with reconditioned m260 scanner* (while supplies last)

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    IDVisor Pro

    IDVisor Pro ID Scanner

    Building upon Tokenworks's classic military-grade durability and color-coded alerts, the IDVisor Pro adds a high-performance point-and-shoot style barcode scanner, an integrated high-resolution camera, and a physical keyboard – all combined in a sleek 1.2 in. thin handheld device.

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    IDVisor Smart ID Scanner

    Building upon Tokenworks’s classic military-grade durability and color-coded alerts, the IDVisor Smart is TokenWorks’ first Android-based Age Verification ID Scanner, adding a high-performance point-and-shoot style barcode scanner, an integrated high-resolution camera, and a physical keyboard – along with audible alerts, customer tagging, and more.

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    IDVisor Z22 Mobile ID Scanner

    IDVisor® Z22 Mobile ID Scanner is a ruggedized handheld ID scanner, perfect for security guards that require a low cost, mobile ID Scanner to quickly check patron’s age and record valuable transaction data.

    Check out our new mobile ID scanner, the IDVisor Smart!

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    IDVisor Z22 Countertop ID Scanner

    The IDVisor Z22 Countertop ID Scanner is a complete age verification and ID scanner package for Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, Taverns and other locations that reads both magnetic stripes and 2D bar codes on licenses from 50 states, all Canadian provinces and Military IDs.

    Check out our new countertop / wall-mount scanner, the AgeVisor Touch!

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    IDVisor Z22 MSR ID Scanner

    The IDVisor Z22 MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) is a wireless ID scanner that reads magnetic stripes and includes age verification software, the VIP/Banned list and/or AntiPass Back software.

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    Low Cost ID Scanner

    Magnetic Stripe ID Swiper

    A low-cost ID Scanning solution for businesses that only need to scan magnetic stripe licenses and IDs. This packages come standard with age verification software and includes a duplicate ID detector.

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