IDVisor Sentry – Nevada Dispensary Bundle

Age Verification, Customer Management, ID Authentication and Auto Form Filling

The IDVisor Sentry for Windows – Nevada Dispensary Bundle makes age and ID verification easy while capturing and maintaining detailed customer information.  The system meets Nevada’s Taxation Department’s ID Scanner requirements.  When an ID or Passport is scanned for the first time, an account is automatically created and the identification document and age are authenticated and verified.  The system captures the front and back images of the ID and can automatically fill out membership forms.  The system can be upgraded to full-screen signature capture monitors to allow clients to review and sign agreements.  Membership tags can then be applied to the customer’s account and data shared across a multi-store network with our IDVisor Sync cloud subscription.


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Product Description

IDVisor® Sentry – Nevada Dispensary Bundle is an ID / Age Verification and Customer Management Solution

Nevada Dispensary Bundle Scanner Options – Whats the difference?

Both Scanner packages with IdentiFake® meet all of the following Nevada Dispensary Hardware requirements:

  • Capable of reading state-issued identifications.
  • 400 DPI high-resolution imaging (F9000) and 600 DPI for F1500.
  • Scanning window large enough for passports (F9000).
  • Multiple wavelength illumination – visible and IR.
  • Data and images capture.
  • Offers a subscription service.
  • ICAO compliant documents in near-infrared.
  • Reads 1D barcodes.
  • Reads 2D barcodes from paper documents and mobile devices.
  • USB 2.0 high speed compatible.
  • The ability to verify and authenticate the identification cards of foreign nationals.
  • Age verification.

The entry-level package is the F9000 Passport reader with the USB Magnetic Swipe Reader (MSR) that meets the Nevada Dispensary hardware requirements and uses the passport scanner to image both the passport and credit card sized IDs such as drivers licenses.  It requires drivers licenses to be manually flipped on the passport reader and is targeted to operations looking for a low-cost solution.  Organizations with higher scan volumes are urged to consider the autoscan package with the F1500 motorized duplex card scanner with built-in MSR.  The F1500 images both sides of a drivers licenses (visible and IR) and reads the magnetic stripe in a single operation, saving the operator the time and effort of flipping the drivers license to scan both sides.  The autoscan package is the preferred solution because it is faster and easier to scan drivers licenses with a motorized reader.  Clients may field upgrade from the entry-level package to the autoscan package by paying the price difference plus shipping.

Standout Features:

  • IdentiFake® ID Verification and Authentication  –  Complies with Nevada dispensary regulations.
  • Age Verification – Customer’s age is calculated automatically. Warnings display for underage customers.
  • Data Capture – All scanned ID’s are automatically saved directly on the PC.
  • Automatic Form Filling – Automatically recognize and fill existing forms from Adobe PDF, Excel/Word, Web Forms, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Create and Fill Custom Forms – Generate and save custom form templates. Great for Medical or Membership forms.
  • Image Capture – Captures front and back images of Driver’s License or Passport – Extracts and saves cardholder image from ID.
  • Banned List/Tagging System – Mark customers with custom tags such as Banned, VIP, Member, Owes Money, etc.
  • Anti-Passback – Detects IDs which have been re-scanned. Helps prevent customers from entering with shared IDs or enforcing daily purchase limits.
  • Date/Time Stamped Transactions Allows for synchronization with video surveillance and establishing due diligence.
  • Email & Telephone Entry – Manually enter customer contact information.
  • Customer Visit counter Identify new vs loyal/repeat customers.
  • Adjustable Scan Counter – Track total scans for attendance/occupancy.
  • Webcam Image Capture – Use any PC webcam to capture customer photos (requires webcam).
  • Network Ready – Synchronize data among multiple systems/sites with IDVisor Sync. (Learn More)

Optional Features:

  • Badge Printer – With optional Dymo printer – print Visitor Badges.
  • Signature Capture on Capacitive Touch 7″ or Full Document Sized 13″ Monitor – Let Customers read and sign ID scan populated documents which are saved as PDF files.
  • IDVisor Sync Subscription – Networks devices so agreements, images and tagged (Banned/VIP/Etc.) are shared between all scanning computers.  Call us to learn more.


IdentiFake® ID Software

IdentiFake ID Authentication and Verification software has the industry’s largest, continuously updated ID Document Library with over 6,000 Global Documents from over 190 countries and all 50 US states. We support government-issued IDs including driver’s licenses, state IDs, national IDs, military IDs, voter cards, resident cards, visas, passports, border crossing cards, Government: PIV, CAC, and TWIC cards.  The IdentiFake software performs 30 – 60 forensic tests, depending on the ID type and version, on every ID scanned into the IDVisor Sentry system. Using the Infrared and Ultraviolet capabilities of the image scanners (Passport or Motorized Duplex),  IdentiFake compares ID images to a database of authentic ID’s to determine authenticity. These forensic checks of the holograms, micro-printing and other security features are necessary to detect fake ID’s. With IdentiFake, this complex process is handled In just a few seconds and displays which tests pass and fail for operator review.   The software has a user-configurable low, medium and high forensic testing threshold and displays which tests failed so that an operator can manually review failed tests and determine if due to dirty or damaged documents.  The software is constantly being improved by client feedback on high-quality fakes, new IDs, and how new IDs degrade with use.

Auto Form Filling plus Customer Relationship Management.

Clients of our IDWedgePro™ product, who love how it automatically fills in necessary business forms like rental agreements or medical forms, often ask how they can save this data to better manage customer relationships. IDVisor Sentry meets both needs as it will auto-fill a form, while also saving name and address information to its local database in addition to images of the ID or person presenting the ID.

The form filler solution scans drivers licenses, ID cards, credit cards and other magnetic striped cards and fills multiple computer forms with information from the card. It automatically recognizes and populates forms in multiple PC applications, allowing different applications to share the same ID scanner. It works with any PC application that accepts keyboard input.



Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in
Scanner Type

F9000 [RFID] & USB MSR ($1,795), F9000 [RFID] & F1500 ($2,695)


IDVisor® Sentry with IdentiFake® ID Verification ($795) – Age and ID Verification for Domestic and Foreign Identification Documents.

Annual Maintenance/Updates

$600/Year. 1st Year Included.

System Requirements

Requires a PC with a USB port running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

We warranty our products to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. If it fails during the first year due to a manufacturing defect, then we will fix it for free.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Return the product for any reason within two weeks of purchase for a full refund – no questions asked.

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