Tokenworks introduces IDWedge ID Scanner Solution to automate data entry from driver licenses and credit cards

Fast, accurate ID Scanner populates existing PC-based applications using ID Wedge card scanner software

Wilmington DE — June 11, 2008 — Tokenworks’ new IDWedge™ ID Scanner solution is the latest addition to the company’s line of ID scanners and identity verification devices. The IDWedge combines a drivers license scanner and a credit card scanner and is the first product on the market, which with easy setup features, accurately scans the machine-readable data on driver licenses & credit cards and automatically fills forms on existing Windows-based applications.

IDWedge’s compact card scanner reads the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode from any U.S. driver license*, military IDs, bank payment cards, most Canadian licenses, and automatically fills the appropriate form fields saving time and eliminating keystroke errors.

The scanner requires no software development, and works with existing PC applications. A simple configuration formula maps field data such as name, address, date of birth, and account number into a customer contact form combined with navigation keystrokes such as Enter, Up/Down arrow and Tab. Within minutes users can start saving time by directly scanning drivers license and credit cards into existing applications.

“Our IDWedge ID Scanner is already expediting data entry for hotel registrations, casino player cards, tradeshow lead capture, insurance kiosks and more,” says Charles Cagliostro, President of TokenWorks. “Our clients appreciate the ease of use and benefit from cleaner customer data and their clients enjoy the expedited processing time. Clients love having a drivers license scanner combined with a credit card scanner.”

TokenWorks’ IDWedge solution uses E-Seek Model 250 Bar Code / Magstripe scanner. According to Andy Anderson, E-Seek CEO, “IDWedge is an ideal application for our Model 250 scanner and we are pleased to play a part in the release of this powerful, easy to use application.”

IDWedge populates standard forms in typically less than two seconds. At just $995.00 each, for the complete id scanner solution, it quickly pays for itself by eliminating keystroke errors and speeding data entry.

*Except for Georgia’s whose license will work when updated to comply with the Federal Real ID act.

About TokenWorks

Founded in 1998, TokenWorks provides magnetic stripe card, smart card and other token-based solutions to system integrators and end users. Portable and Desktop ID Scanner products with age verification, lead capture and access control applications offered by TokenWorks can be viewed at For more information, call 1-800-574-5034, or visit:; you can also e-mail:

About E-Seek

E-Seek, Inc. is a leading supplier of Two-Dimensional (2D) Barcode Readers specifically designed for reading Driver’s Licenses and Government issued ID Cards. The E-Seek line of Barcode Readers provides for a reliable and affordable business solution for Age and ID Verification. With the ability to capture information from both Barcode and Magnetic Stripes, the E-Seek products coupled with application specific software provide reliable, innovative and low cost solutions for Age and ID Verification. For more information call 714-545-3316 or visit our website

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