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TokenWorks’ new AgeVisor™ Touch ID Scanner shatters the price-performance barrier with a 7” touch screen display, large storage capacity, and power necessary for businesses serving age sensitive products/services like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and gaming. Features that set a new benchmark for the age verification industry include talking warnings, intuitive icons, advanced data storage, support/upgrades via WiFi, mounting and stand options.

AgeVisor™ Touch incorporates the power of a personal computer (PC) in a sleek, mountable aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure for an uncomplicated and intuitive ID scanning experience. It scans the machine-readable data on the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode of all North American driver’s licenses and military IDs. It warns operators for underage, expired, reused, or VIP/Banned patrons using human voice warnings and industry specific color-coded icons. AgeVisor™ Touch saves the last 250,000 scans with automatic database management functions while providing a simplified customer relationship management for the end user. Simply unpack, turn it on and start scanning.

“AgeVisor AgeVisor™ is a major milestone in the age verification industry which traditionally has been ID checkers with small monochrome displays, limited data capacity and non-hands free operation. When one compares the AgeVisor™ Touch to those first generation ID Scanners, it is like comparing a Tesla to a Model T.” says Charles Cagliostro, President of TokenWorks. “Human voice warnings make it almost impossible for an employee to mistakenly serve a minor.”

Data captured by AgeVisor™ Touch can be exported to a spreadsheet, from which users can learn about groups of customers (time of visit, frequency of visits, gender breakdown) and create accurate mailing lists. AgeVisor™ software will capture all the standard information found on government issued identification, as well as keep a visit count for each ID. Additionally, customers can be given custom tags (i.e. “VIP” or “banned”), and email addresses and phone numbers can be entered. The aircraft-grade aluminum case requires little to no countertop space. The device can be wall mounted in multiple orientations using pre-drilled holes, or attached to various stand options to accommodate any ID scanning configuration.

For existing customers with IDVisor® Z22 Mobile and Countertop ID Scanners, Tokenworks is offering an upgrade to the AgeVisor™ Touch for $595. This offer is good until 1/30/2017. New AgeVisor™ Touch ID Checkers will retail for $895.00.

About TokenWorks®
Founded in 1998, TokenWorks is a leading and one of the largest providers of portable and desktop ID Scanner products with age verification, lead capture and access control applications. Products offered by TokenWorks can be viewed at For more information, call 1-800-574-5034 or visit:; you can also e-mail: sales(at)tokenworks(dot)com

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