Pittsburgh, PA – ID scanners are often used to detect fake IDs, thwart underage drinking, or to recognize banned or VIP customers, but now, a Tokenworks ID scanner has been successfully used to identify a suspect in a burglary.

On a recent weekend, a Pittsburgh, PA bar called Scarpaci’s was robbed; approximately $500 was stolen from the bar’s game room. Surveillance video footage showed the suspect stealing money from both dart and video poker machines, but it was the data logged in the Tokenworks ID scanner that allowed bar personnel to identify the suspect and confirm that he was on the premises at the time the theft occurred. The bartender had scanned the suspect’s ID when he purchased a beer. Compiling the information gleaned from each of surveillance footage and ID scanner gave the bar owners enough to file a detailed police report. The suspect was arrested a few days later for attempting to burglarize another local establishment.

See the Channel 11 news report here.

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