Arkansas drivers and state ID-holders will be getting a security upgrade starting October 3rd as Arkansas rolls out a new REAL ID-compliant driver’s license design. The government-issued initiative will not only protect state residents’ identities but will also be a required security checkpoint when checking in at commercial passenger flights and various federal buildings in 2020.

In the images below, you can see the gold star embedded on the new REAL ID-compliant cards (on the left). This signifies that the individual has a compliant card.

New Enhanced Arkansas Driver's License Design

The new Arkansas driver’s license design will make tampering with existing cards more difficult and will also put further hurdles in place for those creating fake IDs. Arkansas residents can begin acquiring their replacement enhanced license on October 3 at several state revenue offices. Standard licenses and IDs will still be available after this date, but the roll-out will continue as drivers’ licenses expire.

“The intent here is to increase the security of the license and the person carrying it,” Walter Anger, assistant revenue commissioner for the Arkansas Dept. of Finance and Administration said. “This is a major step in protecting the identity of the individual and ensuring that licenses and ID cards are issued properly and to the right person.”

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