Fast, Easy Mobile Data Capture using FormConnect

The FormConnect iPad App from Form Connections makes creating forms on an iPad fast and simple.  Completing these forms with data from Drivers Licensees,  credit cards, loyalty cards, and student IDs is made even faster with the IDWedgeBT card reader.

FormConnect was used recently by an Agent from the Connecticut Marshals office who was helping out Stamford-Downtown (a local merchant/entertainment district) with their summer [email protected] concert series which is 8 concerts on Thursday nights starting June 20 thru August 15. Acts performing include Brett Michaels, Michael McDonald and the Wallflowers to name a few.
There has been a big problem with underage drinking and fake IDs which can bring huge fines from the Liquor Control Commission. one way to combat this is to have concert goers of questionable age sign a form that the commission provides that puts the responsibility on the minor not the venue.  Mark P. (CSM) developed this electronic version to be filled in using the IDWedgeBT to speed up the process.  He created the form on an iPad app called FormConnect (The actual FormConnect file below) that includes all the info from a scanned drivers license, a photo taken with the iPad and an electronic signature with time stamp.  Below is an image of the form which can be emailed as a PDF document from FormConnect.
The combination of the FormConnect and IDWedgeBT Drivers License Scanner make the perfect Mobile Data Capture Device.    IDWedgeBT works with iPods, iPhones, iPads (in fact, it works with ANY computer that uses either a Bluetooth or Wired Keyboard) and includes embedded Drivers License Scanning Software.  This plus its use of built in wired/wireless keyboard drivers means NO software is required on the computer.  Simply develop an application or a form, connect IDWedgeBT and it will type drivers licenses, credit card, student IDs, Loyalty card data directly into the active form.

Purchase of the FormConnect app is required and available from the Apple App Store.

The list of applications are endless.   Just today an organization called interested in signing people up as organ donors and wanted to use a Drivers License Scanner for iPad (IDWedgeBT).  We told them to watch the video below and purchase FormConnect.

Here is another demo showing IDWedgeBT working with an iPad and Filemaker – a database application.  This demo shows how the IDWedgeBT can be connected to an iPad and FileMaker is a great database application for iOS devices.



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