IDVisor Touch

Anti-Passback Warning

This is a discontinued product. Existing customers, please call for availability. This product has been replaced with the IDVisor Pro.

OK to Drink and Purchase Tobacco

The IDVisor® Touch ID Scanner is a rugged, handheld ID scanner that goes beyond verifying age and helps to manage customer relationships.



  • Reads magnetic stripes and 2D bar codes Licenses from 50 states (GA from 11/2009), all Canadian provinces (Quebec from 2/2009) (including Ont. National Health ID) and Military IDs (see coverage chart).
  • Fast operation – about 1 second per scan/swipe
  • No reoccurring fees
  • Compliant with state data retention laws
  • Training videos preloaded directly on scanner. Bounce can learn about scanning IDs by watching a video.
  • Simple operation – no buttons to press, no aiming lasers.  Just scan/swipe licenses in scanner and display updates.
  • Easy Setup – Simply unpack, turn on and start checking IDs.
  • Intuitive Martini Glass/Cigarette Icons indicate under 21 and/or under 18 alarm events.
  • Upload VIP/Banned List from PC with just name and optionally ID number or tag people after scanning their ID or by searching for a previously scanned ID
  • Stores last 65,000 ID scans in memory for optional download—substantiates due diligence/ affirmative defense and/or build customer database
  • Fast throughput – 1-2 seconds for response
  • Bar Code reader sets a new benchmark for readability and ease of use. No need to “aim” or “focus”, simply insert and remove the card from scanner as you would with an ATM transaction.
  • Scroll, search and delete license data on scanner no PC required.
  • Search for a patron and tag them.  Allows you to look somebody up on the Scanner, enter email, phone or Tag them without scanning their ID again.
  • Configurable Age Thresholds – pick from 18-45, each with one of eight possible Audible Alarms including male / female voice and vibration. Also alarms if ID is expired, ID is rescanned or customer is tagged.
  • Anti Pass-Back capability detects shared IDs. Included for free.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Features

  • Customer visit counter on main screen. Tells how many times a customer has visited – right on main screen – know if their first or tenth visit.
  • Email/phone number capture with iPhone like finger friendly keyboard
  • Opt-in privacy feature
  • Adjustable Scan counter tells how many IDs have been scanned in the evening
  • Tag customers as VIP or banned or make up your own tags to track memberships or track specific groups NEW!
  • Tagging with Notes – For example when banning somebody, enter started fight in the notes.
  • Export scan list and customer list directly to Excel file and move to MAC, PC or  Linux directly from Scanners via USB flash drive.  No PC software required.

IDVisor Touch Images

IDVisor Touch Screenshots

IDVisor Touch

Pre-Scan → OK → Under 21 → Under 18 → Expired

  • Martini Glass & Cigarette Icons
  • Visit counter indicates customer visits
  • Counter is number of card scanned

IDVisor Touch Email/Phone Editor

IDVisor Touch Email and Phone Editor

This animation shows:

  1. ID is scanned
  2. Email/Phone is pressed
  3. Email/Phone form automatically launches.
  4. Email text box is touched which auto-launches ipod keyboard
  5. Email user name is entered
  6. Email domain name is selected from pull down
  7. Phone number box is tapped which auto-launches numeric keypad
  8. Phone is entered using large 3 x 4 numeric keypad
  9. Save button is pressed

IDVisor Touch Tagging

IDVisor Touch Tagging

This animation shows:

  1. ID is scanned
  2. Tag button is pressed
  3. Tag form launches
  4. Tag is selected from Pull down (note you can create your own tags)
  5. Note is also entered
  6. ID is rescanned and tag warning displays

Hardware Features

  • Ruggedized design-PDA is embedded in protective case – Call us to see a video of the unit dropping 3 feet onto a concrete floor six times in a row.
  • Built in Li-Ion rechargeable batteries Runs for weeks or swipe 6000+ licenses on single charge. No bulky external battery packs that use 4 to 6 AA batteries!
  • Standalone – no wires to a PC/Laptop, no telephone line required
  • Video/photo capture possible by using transaction date/time stamp to synchronize with venue security video system.
  • Plays Long, Short or No Birthday Song when a birthday is detected.
  • ID Scanner PIN Security protects license data and configuration settings.  For instance, require a PIN to exit the application or a PIN before tagging somebody.
  • Kiosk Mode – prevents bouncer from exiting the application – requires PIN code to exist application.
  • Includes Hand strap Kit provides Metal Brackets for Neoprene strap to secure hand to back of unit and eyelets to connect items such as wrist/neck straps.
  • Optional Automobile (Cigarette Lighter) coiled charger cord – popular with law enforcement clients.
  • 10″L x 5″W (at widest) x 3″H – about 2 lbs


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