January 2015 rings in a new year and a new format for driver’s licenses and state identification cards in the state of Ohio. As of January 5, 2015, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will issue driver’s licenses and state ID cards with a primarily blue-green background, instead of a pink background.

In addition to the new background color, new licenses and ID cards will feature new text in the laminate layer, including “Ohio” and “1803”, the year of the state’s founding. The increased complexity of the laminate should help prevent counterfeiting. No overt reason for the background color change has been given by the BMV.

New and old versions of OH DL

New (blue-green) and old (pink) versions of Ohio driver’s license

Although the updated licenses are already being issued, older, salmon-colored licenses and ID cards will remain valid until their expiration dates. The fee for replacement licenses is $27.75; the fee for replacement ID cards is $8.50.

See the Ohio BMV Press Release.

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