Mississippi residents will experience the biggest overhaul in MS driver’s license history as the Mississippi Department of Public Safety has begun rolling out a new driver’s license design, culminating an overhaul 5 years in the making.

Motorists who renew or are ordering a duplicate license (online and in-person at renewal kiosks) will enjoy the benefits of a much more secure license and better protection of their personal information. DPS officials say the new licenses and system for distributing them via kiosks and the Internet should be complete within a year, drastically reducing wait times and overall improving efficiency of the licensure process.

Showcased below, there are two versions of the new Mississippi driver’s license – horizontal for over 21, and vertical for minors under 21 years old.

new Mississippi Driver's License design

New Mississippi driver's license design for minors

“This state-of-the-art system will expedite services provided from both our administrative and field operational locations,” said Major Kenneth Brown, Bureau Director of Driver Service Bureau, MS Department of Public Safety. “The beneficial impact to the public will be that it creates convenience and faster services with a better and safer credential. All features of our new license will provide enhanced security aimed at the protection of our citizens. As this modernization process continues, we will eventually move to full implementation within all of our front counter driver license locations.”

More information about Mississippi license renewal can be found at the MS Dept of Public Works Website.

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