Veteran Label on Idaho License

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has announced that it will begin recognizing veterans of the armed services with a special designation on driver’s licenses and state ID cards. The optional designation is available to anyone who served in the uniformed services and received a discharge other than dishonorable. Anyone wishing to display the veteran status on their license or ID must provide proof of service such as discharge papers including DD Form 214, 215, or 217, among other official documents (see a complete listing here:, or a letter of verification from the Veterans Administration. There is no additional fee for the veteran’s distinction when renewing a soon-to-expire license or ID; those seeking to add the designation to a non-expiring license or ID will be charged the standard $15 duplicate license fee.

Idaho state representative George Eskridge, with support from the ITD and the Idaho Division of Veteran’s Services, worked to implement the bill that provides for the veteran’s designation. The special recognition provides a straightforward way for veterans to prove their status, receive benefits and attain discounts. ITD Driver Services Manager Ed Pemble points out that displaying the veteran designation on a driver’s license or ID card abolishes the need for vets to carry original and fragile official military documents.

Current fees for obtaining or renewing an Idaho driver’s license range from $30 to $55, depending on the validity period (4 or 8 years). State ID cards cost between $10 and $20. Two documents are required to prove legal Idaho residency to obtain a driver’s license. Some of the documents accepted include (but are not limited to): a valid driver’s license or ID card from any state, a certified original birth certificate, original naturalization documents, U.S. military photo ID card, or a Veteran’s Universal Access Card with photo.

Read the ITD’s announcement about the new veteran designation here.

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