Colorado Driver LicenseMarch 2016 – As the result of a contract with a new vendor and in an effort to comply with the U. S. Real ID Act of 2005, Colorado is rolling out a pilot program issuing drivers licenses, instructional permits, and identification cards with a new design. The Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced the new design, which includes a number of enhanced safety and security features intended to reduce the chances of counterfeiting.

Perhaps the most striking change is the background image – previously featuring pastel blue and purple mountains – now a fine-line graphic image of Mt. Sneffels in green, blue and yellow. Additionally, there are a number of other design elements that have been changed or updated:

  • Under 21 cards have a vertical orientation
  • Color-coded outline of the state corresponds to card type (green is for driver license and permit, red is for identification card)
  • State and country designation across the top of the card no longer italicized
  • Primary photo, personal information, and document type laser engraved in grayscale
  • Raised text for some personal data and license information allows for a rapid tactile check of veracity
  • Semi-transparent window around cardholder’s photo
  • Star in the upper right hand corner denotes compliance with Real ID Act
  • Fine-line graphic design of state capitol building on back of card
  • 2D barcode on the back of card protects citizens’ information
  • Logos of Colorado state flag and Department of Revenue appear on card back

CO DL Front and Back
The temporary paper document distributed while a resident waits to receive a permanent laminated card in the mail will resemble the new design, and will be valid for 30 days. No Colorado citizen needs to obtain a new license or identification card until his current card expires, and the fee for the newly designed cards will remain the same ($25 for a Driver License, $16.80 for an Instruction Permit, $11.50 for an Identification Card).

The pilot program runs during March 2016, and includes the Littleton, Aurora, and Frisco DMV office locations. Thereafter, other DMV offices will also begin offering the new design.

Read a fact sheet about the new design here: Colorado Driver License Fact Sheet.

See a poster about the new design here: Colorado Driver License Poster.

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