IDWedgeBT ID Scanner Software Update to v.3.3 HID Available

We’ve released a software update for our IDWedgeBT portable form filler ID scanner. The software update to version 3.3 HID includes the following features:

  • Change Magnetic Card detection to work with USAA Visa Debit by changing the test on track2 length to >=28
  • Update Parsing to fix Y2K issue for IDs with a date of birth after 2000.

Updates span across three versions of our IDWedgeBT software. More information including download/installation links and instructions can be found below:

IDWedgeBT Application Updater

IDWedgeBT SPP Application Updater

IDWedgeBT Keyboard Application Updater

For product specifics and more information about our IDWedgeBT Portable Form Filler ID Scanners, click here.

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New Hampshire Residents Get New, More Secure Driver’s License and ID Cards

As of January 2, 2017, New Hampshire has rolled out its newly redesigned driver’s licenses and ID cards to residents, sporting both a new aesthetic and more secure features. Among some of the features of the redesigned New Hampshire ID cards– a more colorful background, and depictions of iconic New Hampshire symbols including the purple lilac, a profile of The Old Man of the Mountain, and a silhouette of the state of New Hampshire (seen below).

New NH Driver's License Design - frontNew NH Driver's License Design - back

The REAL ID-compliant features of the new cards add a level of security that ranks New Hampshire among the most advanced in the nation, according to the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles. The cards will enable citizens to board domestic flights and enter federal buildings, among other federal ID purposes, whereas non-compliant forms of ID will only work until October 1, 2020.

New Hampshire residents will receive the new design when applying, and current New Hampshire license and ID cardholders will receive the new design when they renew, though they are not required to renew until the expiration date listed on their current ID/license. Existing New Hampshire driver’s licenses and ID cards will remain valid until their expiration.

For more information about the new New Hampshire license and ID card design or to learn more about Real ID compliance, visit

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IDWedge Version 3.5 Released – IDScanner Software Update

New IDWedge version 3.5 software update:  includes support for M420 barcode scanner. This is the latest update to the industry’s first ID Scanner Auto Form filler, the precursor to IDWedge Pro – which added multiple forms and WCF which makes it ideal for web browsers. You can get the update by following the instructions here.

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TokenWorks Introduces First Point-of-Sale POS Retail ID Scanner with PC-Grade Performance

This is a press release from TokenWorks, originally published on PRWeb here

TokenWorks’ new AgeVisor™ Touch ID Scanner shatters the price-performance barrier with a 7” touch screen display, large storage capacity, and power necessary for businesses serving age sensitive products/services like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and gaming. Features that set a new benchmark for the age verification industry include talking warnings, intuitive icons, advanced data storage, support/upgrades via WiFi, mounting and stand options.

AgeVisor™ Touch incorporates the power of a personal computer (PC) in a sleek, mountable aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure for an uncomplicated and intuitive ID scanning experience. It scans the machine-readable data on the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode of all North American driver’s licenses and military IDs. It warns operators for underage, expired, reused, or VIP/Banned patrons using human voice warnings and industry specific color-coded icons. AgeVisor™ Touch saves the last 250,000 scans with automatic database management functions while providing a simplified customer relationship management for the end user. Simply unpack, turn it on and start scanning.

“AgeVisor AgeVisor™ is a major milestone in the age verification industry which traditionally has been ID checkers with small monochrome displays, limited data capacity and non-hands free operation. When one compares the AgeVisor™ Touch to those first generation ID Scanners, it is like comparing a Tesla to a Model T.” says Charles Cagliostro, President of TokenWorks. “Human voice warnings make it almost impossible for an employee to mistakenly serve a minor.”

Data captured by AgeVisor™ Touch can be exported to a spreadsheet, from which users can learn about groups of customers (time of visit, frequency of visits, gender breakdown) and create accurate mailing lists. AgeVisor™ software will capture all the standard information found on government issued identification, as well as keep a visit count for each ID. Additionally, customers can be given custom tags (i.e. “VIP” or “banned”), and email addresses and phone numbers can be entered. The aircraft-grade aluminum case requires little to no countertop space. The device can be wall mounted in multiple orientations using pre-drilled holes, or attached to various stand options to accommodate any ID scanning configuration.

For existing customers with IDVisor® Z22 Mobile and Countertop ID Scanners, Tokenworks is offering an upgrade to the AgeVisor™ Touch for $595. This offer is good until 1/30/2017. New AgeVisor™ Touch ID Checkers will retail for $895.00.

About TokenWorks®
Founded in 1998, TokenWorks is a leading and one of the largest providers of portable and desktop ID Scanner products with age verification, lead capture and access control applications. Products offered by TokenWorks can be viewed at For more information, call 1-800-574-5034 or visit:; you can also e-mail: sales(at)tokenworks(dot)com

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New Enhanced Arkansas Driver’s License Design Coming October 3

Arkansas drivers and state ID-holders will be getting a security upgrade starting October 3rd as Arkansas rolls out a new REAL ID-compliant driver’s license design. The government-issued initiative will not only protect state residents’ identities but will also be a required security checkpoint when checking in at commercial passenger flights and various federal buildings in 2020.

In the images below, you can see the gold star embedded on the new REAL ID-compliant cards (on the left). This signifies that the individual has a compliant card.

New Enhanced Arkansas Driver's License Design

The new Arkansas driver’s license design will make tampering with existing cards more difficult and will also put further hurdles in place for those creating fake IDs. Arkansas residents can begin acquiring their replacement enhanced license on October 3 at several state revenue offices. Standard licenses and IDs will still be available after this date, but the roll-out will continue as drivers’ licenses expire.

“The intent here is to increase the security of the license and the person carrying it,” Walter Anger, assistant revenue commissioner for the Arkansas Dept. of Finance and Administration said. “This is a major step in protecting the identity of the individual and ensuring that licenses and ID cards are issued properly and to the right person.”

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New Mississippi Driver’s License Means Better Security and Shorter Wait Times for MS Residents

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety has begun rolling out a new driver’s license design, launching the biggest overhaul in MS driver’s license history. The modernization project was 5 years in the making.

Residents who renew or order a duplicate license (online and in-person at renewal kiosks), as well as those registering for a license for the first time at a branch location will enjoy myriad security benefits to better protect their identities both on the license and during the process of acquiring it. DPS officials say the new licenses and system for distributing them via kiosks and the internet should be complete within a year, improving efficiency of the licensure process and reducing long wait times for customers.

Showcased below, there are two versions of the new Mississippi driver’s license – horizontal for over 21, and vertical for minors under 21 years old.

new Mississippi Driver's License design

New Mississippi driver's license design for minors

“This state-of-the-art system will expedite services provided from both our administrative and field operational locations,” said Major Kenneth Brown, Bureau Director of Driver Service Bureau, MS Department of Public Safety. “The beneficial impact to the public will be that it creates convenience and faster services with a better and safer credential. All features of our new license will provide enhanced security aimed at the protection of our citizens. As this modernization process continues, we will eventually move to full implementation within all of our front counter driver license locations.”

More information about Mississippi license renewal can be found at the MS Dept of Public Works Website.

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Rhode Island Introduces New Driver’s License and ID with Updated Security Features

The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles has begun issuing new, more secure driver’s licenses and ID cards at its Cranston and Woonsocket DMV locations, as of Tuesday, July 19, 2016. This is the first Rhode Island license design update since 2003, and the new Rhode Island licenses and IDs will be rolled out to residents as their current IDs/licenses expire over the next five years.

New Rhode Island driver's license design


By mid-August, all Rhode Island DMV branches, including AAA and online license renewals will feature the new license and ID card style on all Rhode Island driver’s licenses (both commercial and regular operator) and state identification cards.

For residents who aren’t yet in possession of the new Rhode Island license and IDs, their current cards will remain valid until they expire, at which time they will be replaced with the new design. No further action is required, and license fees will not change.

New Rhode Island Driver’s License Visual features

The new Rhode Island licenses and ID cards feature the Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge in the background with a sailboat and sea gulls.

Federally compliant security features include:

  • Optically variable patterns: state name, state seal, an anchor and stars that appear to shift when viewed from varying angles.
  • Large primary license-holder photo, paired with a smaller “ghost” portrait.
  • Multiple data locations: cardholder’s birth date is placed in three locations.
  • UV (UltraViolet) ink: special ink that glows when exposed to UV light
  • “Document discriminator”: includes inventory control number and barcode.
  • Tamper-resistant material

In addition to the roll-out of the new licenses, the Rhode Island DMV will also implement “the installation of cameras at work stations at DMV and AAA offices around the state,” by the end of summer, a recent press release indicated. “The cameras are part of a streamlined process that will be introduced with the new cards. Instead of having to go to two work stations to complete their transactions, all work can be done at one station.” Security and convenience is the way ahead for Rhode Island residents. Which state will be next?

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New Massachusetts License Design Improves Security Features for Drivers

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) revealed a new Massachusetts driver’s license and Mass ID design on July 26. The new Massachusetts driver’s license design is so secure that it places Massachusetts among the top states in the country for ID card security, and is set to roll out to new and existing license-holders and ID card carriers over the next five years.

New Massachusetts driver's license and state ID design

All current Massachusetts licenses will remain valid until they expire, at which time drivers will be issued the new design. No further action is required of Massachusetts residents during the transition.

Security Features

Security features in the Massachusetts ID and driver’s license design, including federally-required REAL ID features (which all MA IDs will contain by 2020, the future deadline for individuals to board a plane or enter a federal building) include:

  • Second bar code on the reverse side that contains demographic information from the front
  • Raised lettering of cardholder’s initials and birth year
  • Laser perforation and engraving
  • Ultraviolet (UV) ink only visible under ultraviolet light
  • A Kinegram® (foil-based optical security image)
  • Laser Write – cardholder’s initials and year of birth appear within the Kinegram®. This feature can also be viewed when backlit, using a flashlight.
  • Multiple data placements -The individual applicant’s data is placed at various locations on the front and back of each document.

Massachusetts driver's license security features

Other security features remain a secret as the Mass RMV wants to prevent those with fraudulent intentions from knowing the full list.

Visual Design

As for visual features of the new license and ID card design, the RMV has featured Massachusetts’ history, including depictions of the State House Golden Dome, the Civil War Memorial to the Massachusetts 54th Regiment, the state bird (chickadee) and flower (the Mayflower).

Old Massachusetts license vs new Massachusetts license design

Watch the video video below to learn more about the Massachusetts license redesign:

Renewing your Massachusetts Driver’s License or Mass ID

Residents who are ready to renew their Massachusetts driver’s license or ID can do so online, at participating AAA offices, or a local RMV branch. Find out more at

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New Utah Driver’s License Design Contains Added Security Features

In an effort to better protect the identities of its mobile citizens, Utah is taking a new security initiative at the Department of Public Safety – Driver License Division this summer. The Utah Department of Public Safety’s Driver License Division began issuing newly designed driver license and identification cards in June, with a roll-out plan covering the next five years (see below).

New Utah Driver's Licenses contain several new security measures for license holders.

New Utah Driver’s Licenses contain several new security measures for license holders.

Complying with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), the new Utah driver’s license design includes a number of security-focused features designed to improve fraud protection, counterfeiting and alteration. Recipients of the new Utah license will be protected with laser perforation, 1D and 2D barcodes containing demographic information and a unique ID number, and a laser-engraved ghost image embedded into the license.

New Utah Driver's Licenses have a beehive image embedded into the cardstock, enabling ID verification by holding the card up to the light.

New Utah Driver’s Licenses have a beehive image embedded into the cardstock, enabling ID verification by holding the card up to the light.

As seen in the image above, a beehive image is embedded directly into the cardstock of the back of the license, allowing ID verification officials to determine a Utah driver’s license’s validity by simply holding it up to the light.

Drivers should expect their new licenses to arrive within 6-8 weeks of application or renewal.

While waiting for their license to be made, drivers can feel confident in the protection of their identity with their temporary licenses as well. Security measures taken on temporary Utah driver’s licenses include a ‘VOID’ watermark that will appear only when the security paper is photocopied, a “Split Fountain” in the background (color gradient), and a delicate arch pattern behind the ID number.

For more information on the new cards and to see other variations of the new Utah driver’s license designs, click here.

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New Illinois Driver’s License To Feature Portrait of Lincoln

IL Secure Driver License

IL Secure Driver License

Last week, the state of Illinois released a newly designed driver’s license and identification (ID) card. Although not completely compliant with the federal REAL ID act, the new design does boast a number of upgraded security features that were added to reduce potential identity theft and unlawful license duplication. The new card design includes:

  • Detailed fine-line graphic background: a pre-printed background design with many lines and colors makes the documents difficult to accurately reproduce
  • Background images featuring the Illinois State Seal and a portrait of Abraham Lincoln
  • Laser-perforated design: the outline of Illinois is embedded into the card stock and visible only when the document is held up to a light source
  • Ultraviolet sensitive inks embedded into the back of the card and reveal cardholder’s duplicated photo and date of birth
  • A ghosted second portrait appears on the lower right hand side of the card
  • 2D barcode on the back of the card protects citizens’ information

Illinois will also begin using a process called central issuance to distribute all licenses and ID cards, wherein new documents will be printed and mailed from a high-security centralized facility, after the applicant’s identity has been confirmed with the assistance of facial recognition software. The central issuance process limits access to card materials, printing equipment, and residents’ personal information, and over thirty states already use it. Permanent cards should be delivered to recipients within 15 business days.

Secure Paper Temporary License

The temporary paper document applicants will receive while they wait for the permanent card to arrive in the mail.

The temporary, secure paper document distributed while a citizen waits to receive a permanent card in the mail has a new design as well, and will be valid for 45 days. It can be used in combination with the prior license or ID card for air travel, until the permanent version arrives. Although the new design for the driver’s license and ID card and the move to central issuance cost the state approximately $6 million, the fee for obtaining or renewing a license or ID card remains the same ($20-$30).

All current Illinois driver’s licenses and ID cards will remain valid until they expire; no citizen has to obtain the newly designed documents until renewal is required.

See the Secretary of State brochure about the new design and issuing process: Central Issuance Brochure

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