Desktop ID Parsing DLL

The TokenWorks Desktop ID Parsing DLL is a Microsoft .NET Assembly Dynamic Link Library (DLL) module. It is a hardware independent library that allows software developers to quickly and easily add driver’s license parsing capability to Windows-based applications.

The Desktop ID Parsing DLL is a processing engine that has no direct user interface or direct device interface. Information from a card reading device (Magnetic stripe or 2D barcode reader) is sent by the application software to the DLL. The DLL then returns the information parsed into various fields as required by the application software.

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Product Description

● Decodes up to 20 fields for ID (some license do not have all fields)
● Simple to integrate
● Handles all North American Drivers Licenses, State issued IDs, Ontario Health Card, Military IDs
● Tested and used by National Law Enforcement Agencies
● Hardware independent— works with any PDF417 barcode scanner and/or 3 Track Magnetic Card Reader

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