Drivers License Scanner

Learn about the types of drivers license scanners and their various uses.

What can a drivers license scanner do?

Drivers license scanners can be greatly beneficial to your business. Many of its uses fall under protecting a business through age verification and fake ID detection or streamlining a specific process, such as checking IDs or filling out forms.

With a DL scanner, a business can help avoid risks and fines while also helping them prove Affirmative Defense.

Here at TokenWorks, we provide drivers license scanners that excel at 3 things, listed below:

Auto Form Filler

Age Verification

Fake ID Detection

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Auto Form Filling

Businesses that experience numerous customers coming in and filling out forms benefit from using a drivers license scanner for auto form filling and data entry. The form can easily be turned into a PDF. It helps them:


  • Save time

  • Improve accuracy & avoid human error

  • Save money


Age Verification

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Verifying the age of your customers before they enter your age-restricted business can greatly reduce human error and make the ID checking process much easier.

Depending on the type of device, a drivers license scanner can scan barcodes, magnetic stripes, or both. They’ll display the information from the ID card on the screen and then indicate whether or not the customer is of legal age to shop.

We sell two types of drivers license scanners: mobile or stationary. Each one has their specific advantages, depending on your needs.

Fake ID Detection

Fake IDs are getting better and more accurate everyday. College students across the country are buying them from overseas and most business owners don’t realize that a basic drivers license scanner will not detect these fake security features.

With a fake drivers license scanner, you can detect these high-quality fakes. It scans every aspect of the card, performing over 50 forensic checks, and compares it a library of authentic drivers licenses and documents.

A forensic drivers license scanner is essential for high-profile businesses, such as casinos or dispensaries. You can avoid fines or the risk of being shutdown with one of our fake drivers license scanners.


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