Here at TokenWorks, we are often asked about the issue of ID Scanners, privacy, and the personal information that is being read from driver licenses and ID cards.  Is the scanned data being used for purposes other than verifying a person’s age?  Is the data being saved?

Businesses that sell age restricted goods such as alcohol and tobacco risk heavy fines or even license suspensions for serving minors. IDs are typically scanned strictly verifying age to prevent minors from age restricted purchases and stored safely for varying amounts of time depending on state laws and business requirements.

TokenWorks’ AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner was recently shown in a WNEC news clip; What do license scanners do?

(Video originally published by News 10 WHEC Rochester New York October 30, 2018)

Visit our TokenWorks ID Scanner Laws blog for additional legal information about ID Scanners and what laws affect their use


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