Voter Registration Drivers License Scanner

June 2012 – In Black Hawk County, Waterloo Iowa, voters in the primary will be able to identify themselves to staff with a bar code ID Scanner.  Iowa recently added a 2D bar code to their Drivers License.  By scanning their drivers license in the ID Scanner, they can be located in the voter database.  The state first purchased a system to store all voters in a database.  Now they have added bar code scanners to some of the computer systems to speed up the data entry process.  Its an optional and in voters are not comfortable with scanning their ID, they can just show it to the staff and have them type in their name into the computer system.

In a voter registration system, fraud is not as much as an issue because an on-line system ensures a person can only vote once.  If a person shows up at one location, then they can’t vote at a 2nd location because the database will show they’ve already voted.   To trick this sort of system, one would need to have multiple identities, and then volt at multiple locations.  Possible, especially if one gets a high quality fake ID, but what is the economic incentive?



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