Iowa Drivers License hits the streets in March of 2010

New security features and drops magnetic stripe

The new Iowa Drivers License sports a number of security features with a 2D PDF417 bar code on the back of the ID.  One significant change for those interested is scanning IA licenses is the removal of the magnetic stripe in the new design.  The previous drivers license, first issued in October 2005 had both a magnetic and 2D barcode but the new one does NOT have the magnetic stripe.  So merchants in Iowa who have ID Scanners with just a magnetic card reader will need to add a 2D bar code scanner.

* A Ghost image. The portrait has an issuing office number and the director’s signature overlapping its edge.

* The two-dimensional barcode and magnetic stripe on the back contain all of the data from the front of the card.

* Laminate coating on the front and back increases the card’s durability, security and tamper resistance. On the front there is an “optically variable” pattern that changes color when viewed at an angle

* When appropriate, text will appear on the front to indicate organ donor, hearing impaired or deaf, medical alert, or medical advance directive.

Is was the case with the previous IDs, the current Iowa Drivers License will be valid until expiration.

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