Pittsburgh, PA – Catching a thief in the act on video is good, but how does one discern the identity of the thief? For the bartender and owners at Scarpaci’s, a bar in Pittsburgh, PA, their ID scanner proved to be the linchpin in pinpointing the lone suspect in a recent robbery.

The Scarpaci’s bartender scanned the suspect’s ID to verify his age before he purchased a beer. The ID scanner decoded and logged the machine-readable data from the driver’s license, including name and address. The suspect sneakily stole approximately $500 from video poker and dart machines in the bar’s back room, before ordering a second beer and leaving the premises. When the theft was discovered and the surveillance video footage showed the thief in action, bar personnel were able to cross-reference the time of the theft with the timestamp and identifying information stored in the ID scanner. Taken together, this information provided enough for the bar owners to file a detailed police report, including the name of the suspect. All Tokenworks ID scanners are able to read and record IDs from all 50 states (as well as Canadian and military IDs) and can help protect your business in an unfortunate event like this burglary.

Watch the news report here.

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