NY Lake Placid CYCNew York state boasts some of the most lenient alcohol laws in the northeastern United States. Unfortunately, as of 2012, NY also ranks among the top 10 states nationally in underage drinking rates. However, one town is taking a proactive stance on underage drinking.

Last month in Lake Placid, New York, the Lake Placid-Wilmington Connecting Youth and Communities Coalition (CYC) donated four Tokenworks ID Scanners to four of the most popular nightlife establishments in the area. These scanners will read data from all 50 states, Canada, and military IDs, verifying patrons’ images and assessing whether the ID presented is real or not. Having the scanners will also allow the alcohol-serving entities to flag banned customers, preventing their reentry, thus increasing bar safety. In this two-time winter Olympic games hosting town and popular tourist destination, ensuring a safe nightlife experience is very important.

The mission of the CYC is to reduce substance abuse, including alcohol use, by youth, and providing the ID scanners is a large stride in that direction since the scanners will help the bars and clubs identify potential underage drinkers, even on the busiest nights. The Coalition also purchased a fifth scanner for use by local organizations serving alcohol at special events.

Read more in the Lake Placid News.

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