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Mobile Data Capture

Mobile data capture has never been easier.

Mobile ID Card Data Capture

Fast Mobile Data Entry

Capture customer data in real time.

Tokenworks’ IDWedgeBT allows for quick, 100% accurate data entry from ID cards into a computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Grab a patron’s name, birth date or address while you make the sales pitch. Swipe a credit card to complete the sale. Save contact details while conducting a field survey.

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Read ID Cards

Read All US IDs, Military IDs and many more ID cards.

Quickly and securely collect data from driver’s licenses, credit cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, and 1D barcodes. The IDWedgeBT uses mechanical devices to decode information stored electronically on the ID so data is guaranteed to be accurate.

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Enter data into your existing forms or use Google Forms.

It’s easy to configure ID card data to fill your existing form.  With Google Forms, collect data on a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC and save immediately, from multiple computers to ONE Google Spreadsheet on Google drive (watch the video). Populate a web form on a smart phone, tablet or desktop PC. Insert a line on a spreadsheet or Google Doc. Add a contact to your CRM software.

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Integrate with FileMaker Go.

Easily pair IDWedgeBT and FileMaker Go to assemble a 100% customized mobile data capture solution. Collect contact information, phone, email, loyalty cards, or credit cards with the IDWedgeBT. Use an iPad or iPhone to capture a signature or shoot a photo. Use FileMaker Go to record lead source or follow up.

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