Bar ID Scanner

Protect your investment and prevent underage drinking.

Avoid Citations & Fines

If your bar or club fails alcohol age-compliance checks several times, you can lose your liquor license. In some states, you’ll be hit with citations and fines. If you continue to fail these checks, your business will be shut down.

You can avoid this by simply implementing one of our ID scanners.

Our IDVisor Smart V2 and IDVisor Smart Plus are the essential ID scanners for bouncers at bars, clubs, and lounges. Learn more about why our ID scanners are perfect for bars and clubs here.

Features for Bouncers


Troublemakers are unavoidable; they will come to you bar and inevitably disturb the peace. As a bouncer, you control the situation and remove the problem from the venue. Everything is fine, until the troublemaker comes back.

With our ID scanner, you can mark a particular patron as banned if they do end up causing trouble.

Nightlife people waiting in line to get into bar with bouncer

Protect and grow your business.

The IDVisor Smart builds upon TokenWorks’ legendary ID parsing technology to quickly and reliably verify a patron’s age.

Bouncer checking ID

Built to endure life at the front door.

The IDVisor Smart is designed for the bumps and bruises of a busy nightlife. A streamlined design offers the classic TokenWorks’ strength in a smaller, lighter form factor.

Integrated CRM: Custom Tagging

Quickly classify customers while their age is being verified. Use “VIP” tags to give special treatment to regular customers or “Banned” tags to keep out troublemakers.

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Be ready for all IDs.

The IDVisor Smart reads drivers’ licenses and state IDs from all 50 US states. It also reads Canadian drivers’ licenses and US military IDs

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