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AgeVisor Touch Magnetic ID Scanner

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Magnetic Card ID Scanner

The AgeVisor™ Touch Magnetic is a Low Cost, stationary age verification ID scanner with advanced features for C-Stores, Liquor Stores, bars, night clubs, vapor shops, marijuana dispensaries, member clubs or any business checking customer age while building customer relationships in the 17 states that have a Magnetic Stripes on the Drivers License / State ID. See our coverage chart to see magnetic or magnetic/barcode states.


Magnetic / Barcode Hardware *

Required – Pick One of Scanner Hardware Options. The Magnetic Card Reader reads drivers licenses in 17 states (AL, AK, AR, CA, CO, FL, KS, LA, MI, MN, MS, NH, NM, OH, SC, TX, VT). The Barcode Scanner reads all 50 states, Canadian drivers licenses, and Military IDs. See USA/Canada coverage chart.

Software Upgrades

Extended Manufacturer Warranty

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Product Description

AgeVisor Touch Magnetic – The Best Magnetic Stripe ID Scanner with Customer Relationship Management Features.

The AgeVisor™ Touch Magnetic is ideal for C-Stores, Liquor Stores, bars, night clubs, vapor shops, marijuana dispensaries, member clubs or any business checking customer age while building customer relationships in the 17 states that have a Magnetic Stripes on the Drivers License / State ID (AL,AK,AR,CA,CO,FL,KS,LA,MI,MN,MS,NH,NM,OH,SC,TX,VT). See our coverage chart to see magnetic or magnetic/barcode states.

NOTE: Video shows OPTIONAL barcode scanner 

NOTE: Video shows OPTIONAL barcode scanner – 

The AgeVisor Touch Magnetic is the same product as our popular AgeVisor Touch, but we removed the barcode scanner so merchants in states with Magnetic Stripes on the Drivers License / State IDs, who cater to mainly an in state client, could have a lower price entry point.    It still sets new milestones in price/performance ratio and durability with features such as large intuitive color touch screen display, verbal or audible warnings, wall or countertop mounting options, customer visit counters, on-screen reporting, customer relationship management features like tagging (VIP/Banned), email and phone capture and advanced database management features.

Standout Features:

  • Easy to Setup – Simply unpack, turn on and start checking IDs.
  • Easy to Read – 7″ capacitive touch screen – No comparison to 2.5” Blue and White LCD
  • No Buttons to Press – Just swipe ID and its auto detected.
  • Fast Operation about 1 second per scan/swipe
  • Reads magnetic stripes – Licenses from 17 states (Note: PA announced dropping Magnetic Stripe 6/2017)
  • Talking or Audible warnings – For under age, expired, tagged, re-scanned, birthday events
  • Saves 250,000+ Scans and 100,000+ Customers – Eliminates frequent data downloads
  • Easily Export Data to USB drive as Excel CSV file – No software to install
  • No Fees No contract set up fees, monthly fees.
  • Free Software Updates – Via WiFi
  • Free 800 Technical Phone Support from TokenWorks – We make and support our products
  • Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty – Extended Warranty Available

Advanced Features:

  • Adjustable Scan counter – Track Total Scans for Attendance/Occupancy
  • Customer visit counter – Identify New versus Loyal Repeat Customers
  • Each transaction is date/time stamped – Allows synchronization with Video surveillance
  • Auto or manual delete data after 1, 7, or 30 days or save no data – comply with local ordinances
  • On System Reporting– Search, Review and Update Email, Phone, Tag data on scanner – no PC required.
  • Two Countertop orientations – plus 4 wall mounting orientation plus optional Table stands or VESA Swing Arm options
  • Five sets of intuitive warning icons with two age warning thresholds for Marijuana, Alcohol, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, and “Under Age” for Gaming or Marketing
  • Pop Up Warnings – for Re-scanned and Tagged Clients requires interaction – Can’t be overlooked.
  • Import VIP/Banned List from PC with just name and optionally ID number

Optional Software Upgrades:

  • IDVisor Sync Networking Software – Share data between all units in real time (Call us to learn more – 800-574-5034)
  • Anti Pass-Back Detects shared IDs. Duplicate ID scans
  • VIP/Banned – Tagging with Notes which explain why somebody was tagged.

Magnetic Stripe Reader with Optional upgrade to 2D Barcode Scanner.

We decided to offer a magnetic card reader only version of the AgeVisor Touch product for clients in states with a Magnetic Stripe on the Drivers License to provide a low entry price point.  This unit can be upgraded during check out to add a barcode reader which gives clients control on what type of technology you want to read.

 Intuitive User Interface

The large 7” capacitive touch screen making it very easy to see, even for those without their reading glasses on.  We added multiple screen color themes targeted for different age verification venues with new intuitive icons for the Marijuana dispensary, Vapor Shops and the Gaming industry.  The product launches with 3 themes, including a black background color theme which is ideal for low light environments, with more to come with updates.  Below are the Age OK intuitive icons

AgeVisor Touch age icons on ID Scanner Display
AgeVisor Touch has two speakers which we’ve used to provide human voice warnings for underage, ID Expired, Birthday, ID Reused, and ID Tagged events.  There are also computer generated warning sounds for those who don’t like voice warnings.    Both are designed to complement the visual warnings designed to make it virtually impossible for an employee to mistakenly serve a minor.   Some business owners really enjoy wishing their clients a happy birthday so we’ve included a short happy birthday song as well as a human voice announcement.  Compared to earlier generation products which only displayed the calculated age on a monochrome displays, with no visual no audible warnings, it’s like comparing a Tesla to a Model T.

Fast – Single Handed Operation – No button pressing!

Advanced card detection eliminates button pressing found on earlier generation scanners which require a button press before each scan to tell scanner which type of card is being used.  Just swipe a magnetic stripe card or if the optional 2D barcode is installed, simply hold the ID in front of the barcode scanner which uses motion detection to trigger a scan.

Data Storage

We’ve increased the data storage to 100,000 customers and/or 250,000 K scans.  After either threshold is reached, the software will auto delete visitor information for the oldest non-tagged clients with the lowest visit count (e.g. a person who visited once, 1 year ago).    In some jurisdictions, businesses are advised to save 2 years worth of data and this capacity means for some businesses, it’s no longer necessary to download a few thousand scans before they are automatically deleted at 4000 scans.

We’ve also included automatic data limiting features which limit data storage to last thirty, seven, one day, and zero days (no storage).   Jurisdictions like Utah only allowed the last 7 days of data to be stored and Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries cannot save any data at all.  Built in data export software downloads customer or scan files in Excel format directly to USB thumb drive – no PC/MAC required.

Integrated CRM Features: Profiles, Custom Tagging and Search

The ID Checker software has been completely redesigned to incorporate customer relationship management (CRM) and membership management features. Moving beyond the confines of simply scanning and recording IDs, the new ID Scanner adds a number of features to track customer patronage, manage membership and rewards programs, store additional customer information like email and phone, tags for VIP/Banned and searchable database using simple text queries.

The most significant improvement is the number of visits for each customer on the main screen, which helps to quickly identify new and frequent visitors.  This allows a business to welcome a new client, and recognize a loyal customer.  Loyalty programs can use this value to reward clients with a reward after a set number of visits.  Security staff can see if a client has a visit history and therefore a lower risk than a client with no visit history.

On system tagging allows the user to ban somebody right at door, or add him or her to an imported VIP or customer list.   Tags can be added when the scan is taken, or by searching for a previous scan and updating tag values.

Tagged customers can also be imported from an Excel compatible comma separated value (CSV) file.   This allows a master banned list to be distributed to multiple devices and is how Casinos distribute problem gambler lists or how several business can share a banned list.   Alternatively, a list of guests can be imported prior to an event and then each visitor can be checked in against the guest licenses by using the passback feature or by tagging them on entry.    All together, the multiple list management features on the ID Scanner allow promoters and bouncers to know exactly who is entering their club or event.

Users also have the ability to capture phone and email information directly on the touch screen keyboard. Adding customer contact information helps create powerful out-bound marketing programs like email and text message blasts.

Advanced Security: Kiosk Mode

The ID Scanner has built-in security to protect sensitive customer information. Data storage is protected by strong database encryption that blocks unauthorized access. User Configurable PIN code access restricts, for example, the operator from accessing customer information, block them from searching the database, or reconfiguring any of the device settings.

Tokenworks’ proprietary Kiosk Mode prevents the employees from exiting the scanning application without entering a pin code. This keeps the operator focused on the task at hand and prevents him from altering any configuration settings or accessing customer data.

Rock-Solid IDVisor Touch™ Hardware

For a durability perspective, we’ve virtually eliminated all moving parts, added a capacitive touch screen and housed the product a corrosion proof high strength Aluminum case with rubber feet on two sides for countertop use, 4 wall mounting orientations or countertop stand and arm mounting options.    The capacitive touch screen eliminates issues associated with earlier generation plastic overlay digitizer.   The optional water proof barcode scanner with motion detection means there is no switches to detect card movement or buttons to trigger barcode scans to wear out.


Low Power Device

AgeVisor has a very low power requirement.  It runs off a wall adapter which supplies 12 volts at 2.5 amps.  I could also be run off an 12 volt 2.5 amp external battery pack with the proper plugs.

Top-Tier Customer Support

Tokenworks provides free telephone support to all ID Scanner owners. To answer common questions, a support site at is maintained by Tokenworks support personal.  AgeVisor Touch has built in Wifi for software downloads and remote support software sessions.  Unlike some ID Scanner will actually stop functioning if maintenance fees are not renewed every year, TokenWorks does not charge for software updates, either for new drivers licenses formats or for improved software features.   Before buying any ID Scanner, always ask how much do software updates cost every year.


AgeVisor Touch With Intuitive Visual and Audible Alerts

(Note video shows OPTIONAL barcode scanner)

Suggested applications include:

  • C-Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Vapor Shops
  • Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Member Clubs

1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

We warranty our products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. If it fails during the first year due to a manufacturing defect, then we will fix it for free.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Return the product for any reason within two weeks of purchase for a full refund – no questions asked.

AgeVisor Touch Videos

AgeVisor Touch With Intiuitive Visual and Audible Alerts

Testing the AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner

AgeVisor Touch Features

  • Large, 7″ intuitive color touch screen display
  • Simple to operate with no buttons to press
  • Fast operation – ~1 second/scan or swipe
  • Lower power requirements at only 12 volt wall power supply or 12 volt / 2.5 amp external battery
  • Verbal/audible warnings
  • Multiple screen color schemes
  • New, intuitive icons for marijuana dispensaries, vape shops and the gaming industry
  • Corrosion-proof high strength aluminum case with rubber feet
  • Waterproof barcode scanner with motion detection
  • Wall and countertop mounting options
  • Customer visit counters
  • Email/phone capture with finger-friendly keyboard
  • On-Screen reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features including tagging (VIP/Banned)
  • Custom tags with expiration dates for membership management
  • Email/phone capture
  • Advanced SQL database management
  • Data storage to X00,000 customers and/or Y00,000 K scans.
  • Data storage limits customizable to last 30, 7 or 1 day
  • Built in data export software compatible with Excel via thumb drive, no PC/Mac required
  • Built-in WiFi for software downloads and remote support
  • Optional HDMI output
  • 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

AgeVisor Touch Benefits

  • Display is easy to read, even for those who struggle to read small screens
  • Different color schemes are optimized for different environments – daylight, low-light, high contrast for retail, etc.
  • Saves time with fast processing speed, intuitive operation and simple interface
  • No contract set up fees or monthly fees saves money
  • Customer counters help to recognize customers, recognize how often they’ve visited, allowing for operator to welcome new visitors and reward repeat clients
  • Superior reporting with built-in security protects customers’ information in the SQL database, providing added security and insight to customer data
  • Database is capable of storing over 100,000 scans, allowing for better historical tracking and less need for downloading data
  • Clear visual age status eliminates error in age verification and eliminates the need to calculate an age from someone’s ID
  • Easier tracking for employee accountability – see reports showing when and how customers visited and who was using the scanner when it happened.
  • Visitor count can be customized to allow bouncers/managers to see how many IDs have been scanned and ensure operators are actually scanning IDs
  • Tagging with notes enables the operator to keep important info on file when a customer visits (e.g. “had a knife” “friend of the owner” “call police”, etc.) ensuring better monitoring of clientele and protection of safety for other clients in the venue
  • Kiosk mode prevents operator from leaving the application, ensuring the operator can’t access other features, settings, apps or games on the handheld computer.


Weight4.0 lbs
Dimensions7.3 x 7.2 x 4.8 in
Touch Screen

7.2” w x 7.3” deep x 4.9” high (183mm W x185mm D x125mm H), Resolution: 1280*800 pixels IPS, Capacitive touch


2 Free USB ports on one side, 1 HDMI port inside Aluminum Case, 1 RJ45 LAN port inside Aluminum case, 1 SD card slot inside Aluminum case, 1 Earphone jack 3.5mm


2 built-in speakers Right/Left


Bluetooth 4.0







Flash Drive



Intel Z3736F quad core 1.8 Ghz


Black, Yellow, Green




1 review for AgeVisor Touch Magnetic ID Scanner

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denise Marshall

    Very happy with my purchase. Love the visit counter for customer – tells me if its a new client or a repeat client.

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