IDentiFake® Forensic Scanning Systems

Introducing IDentiFake® from TokenWorks.

The most advanced Fake ID scanner solution available.

Introducing the IDentiFake Fake ID scanner system from TokenWorks.

Due to the increasing number and quality of fake driver licenses and ID cards in circulation, it is especially vital for businesses who sell age restricted products to detect fake or forged IDs to ensure they are not serving anyone under age or unauthorized. The IDentiFake forensic ID scanning verification and authentication software, developed exclusively by TokenWorks, can analyze and authenticate over 6,000 different ID documents (cards and passports) from all 50 states, all Canadian provinces and international passports from over 190 countries using more than 50 independent and detailed forensic checks.

The powerful IDentiFake software solution will not work with all card or passport scanners, as it requires a high-fidelity image scanner to allow it to do its work effectively. We deliver the IDentiFake solution with two hardware configurations – with or without Passport scanning capability.

Please review system features below and then contact us for a free consultation and price quote customized for your unique business requirements.

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With Fake ID counterfeiters creating more and more accurate replicas of real IDs, many coming from China, you can’t leave Fake ID detection to chance.

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