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Lead Capture

QuikLead™ is Lead Capture software based on our ID software for sales/marketing efforts. It runs on the IDVisor Z22 Mobile or Windows Mobile Handheld hardware. It rapidly captures name/address information from a drivers license and then allows an operator to enter additional contact data (email/phone) plus specific notes such as product interest, buying timeline, follow up action, etc. Clients use these Lead Capture scanners at trade shows, concerts and events and have found them vastly superior to paper based solutions. This solution is 100% electronic so the information is available immediately after the event plus the contact information is far more accurate than paper based solutions.

Here is a video of QuikLead™ Lead Capture software used by Geico running on Windows Mobile Handheld. It captures information from drivers license and then allows operator to enter phone, email and ask a series of questions of interest to Geico. We can customize it for your needs. Give us a call.

Shown below is a version of QuikLead™ software with an iPod / iPhone like keyboard for easy entry with a stylus or finger. This example shows the top of the form completed with a scan of a drivers license, followed by email domain selection via a pull down menu and user name entry via finger keyboard.


Shown below is the standard main screen of QuikLead™ running on Palm Hardware. A scan of the license fills out the name/address/city/state/zip fields.

Lead Capture 2

An operator then asks for email, phone and other information which is keyed in to the appropriate fields using either the pop-up keyboard (shown below) or handwriting recognition software that is standard on the Palm computer. Several common email addresses are available in a pop-up menu.

Lead Capture 3

Once all the data is entered, the Submit button saves the data to the MemoPad (shown below) and at the end of an event, this data is Hotsynced via USB to a PC and exported to a Comma Value Separated file which is Excel compatible. (The software also transfers the data to a MAC but the export to an Excel file is a bit more complex).

Lead Capture 4

Note: The main screen can be modified to suite specific client requests. Items such as pull down menus, check boxes and text input fields can be requested. Each customer request is unique and we typically charge a day of consulting to understand, specify and create software to suite a particular client need.


For questions, give us a call.