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ID Check Software Age Verification

CardVisor® II software reads information from the data stripe (magnetic stripe and/or 2D Bar Code) on the drivers license and displays this information on the screen, calculates the Age, displays/sounds an alarm if under age/expired and records name/address in memory (Last 6000 [Deluxe model]or 9000 [Z22 models]) saved in memory see Transaction Log for details). This information can be PIN protected to ensure the privacy of patron data. Displaying the name allows cross checking with the name printed on the license, a method to identify fake ids. The transaction memory may be downloaded to a PC and exported to Microsoft Excel/Access and is included! Once patron data is in Excel mailing labels may be created with Excel & Word.

See sample screens from Z22 Model in Color below:

Age Check Verification 1
Age Check Verification 2
Age Check Verification 3
Age Check Verification 4

Configurable Age Thresholds, Alarm Sounds and Display Format

CardVisor® software is very configurable with different age alarm thresholds and selectable alarm sounds, a long or short version of the birthday song, and the ability to display the current age in a year or year/month/day format.

Age Check Verification 5 Age Check Verification 6 Age Check Verification 7

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